A new chapter!


Welcome to my new blog!! Though I really liked my old website at grahamvasey.com I really wanted something which would allow me to share more about my photographs, not only the final pictures but also about the places I travel to and the process I use. I hope this will give you more insight into my work!



4 comments on “A new chapter!

  1. Tony says:

    Looks real good Graham, looking forward to reading a lot more….

  2. Dave V Smith says:

    Hi Graham, this is Nell’s Dad (met you in No22 the other day!). How do you enlarge from the 5*4 negs? It would need a huge condensing lens to get the coverage.

    • grahamvasey says:

      Hi Dave in a way yes, you will need an big enlarger that will take a carrier that will hold the large 5×4 neg. They are pretty common and you can find them secondhand. There are loads of different makes and models some with condensers and some with colour mixing heads or cold cathode. I’ve a got two really old enlagers I picked up from a popular online auction site one with a cold cathode the other with a condenser, both cost lens than £150 😀

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