Land Of Lead Revisited!

A few weeks ago me and my girlfriend Helen was chatting with my mate Gareth over a nice pint when me and Gaz started to reminisce about our recent trip to the Old Gang Smelt Mill in Swaledale, the conversation soon moved onto new topics but it got me thinking about whether I really got the most from all the pictures I had taken that day? There was one in particular I’d been really disappointed that it hadn’t turned out as I hoped. So inspired by my friend today I made a bit of spare time in my darkroom session to take a second look at the one that nearly got away.


Smelt Mill

Smelt Mill Door, Swaledale. 90mm Schneider Angulon lens, Fomapan 200.

The final photograph was made by contact printing the negative onto Fomatone Chamois paper at grade two and half for 6 seconds with a bit of extra burning in. I think in the future I should follow in my friend and photographic hero Bill Schwab’s advice and not be scared of thin negatives but love them for their beautiful delicate tones, the devil is in the detail after all!!

And of cause thank you Gareth for putting me back on track!!







6 comments on “Land Of Lead Revisited!

  1. The print looks fantastic, I like the look of this location. Good advice from the great Bill Schwab.

  2. Shane Booth says:

    Lovely image, toned / lith ?

    • grahamvasey says:

      Hi Shane, no believe it no not, the tone comes from the really warm ivory base of the paper and the warmtone emulsion. Fomatone Chamois is probably the warmest photographic paper on the market its superb stuff you must try it!! Cheers for the comment

  3. Gaz says:

    Came out great in the end, plus there’s no little man with a camera blocking the view in your print!!! Good work fella!

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