One of Fallon’s Anglers

Many of you may not know but photography is not my only passion, I have another which has sometimes kept me away from the darkroom when I should have been working and sometimes away from my bed when I should have been sleeping, and that is the gentle art of fishing. So I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity to combine my two passions and create an article for the wonderful fishing journal Fallon’s Angler. I had a fantastic time exploring some of my favourite rivers with my 5×4 camera and a fishing rod while trying to capture some of the essence of being on the bankside and fond memories of fishing with my grandfather.

Inside Article

If you want to find out more and maybe purchase a copy to read for yourself please follow this link

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5 comments on “One of Fallon’s Anglers

  1. Alison Bowman says:

    What an impressive article and although I have no knowledge of fishing it was most interesting.
    Loved reading about your granddad and how you first ventured out together.

    Plus, Fallon is a quality publication – it looks great on the coffee table even if its contents are a bit of a mystery to me 🙂

  2. I love Fallons Angler. I have every issue to date. I have even featured in issue 2 in an article by my good friend Dominic Garnett. It’s a quality publication. One of the modern angling classics in my opinion. B.P. Fallon was a legend in the Irish angling world and his son Niall is now following in his footsteps with Fallon’s Angler.

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