My photography is inspired by the landscape, its history and the complex relationship that exists between man and the land. While an awareness of the history of a place is an important element of my work and research often inspires me to visit a new place to take my pictures, I attempt to create pictures which draw from the atmosphere of the landscape rather than being purely editorial. In my work I try to connect to the land and express an emotional response to the location communicating to the viewer the feel of environment and the elements. This desire has driven me not only to explore the wild landscapes of the Northern Pennines near my home but to travel to the far north of Scotland and Iceland.

I have a few favourite cameras which never leave my side when I am out shooting. I have a trusted old Hasselblad 500cm which has been a faithful companion for many years, an ancient battered MPP 5X4 large format camera, as well as a host of folding and twin lens reflex cameras some of which date back to the 1920’s. All of them have their own characteristics which I feel add something to the final image. I produce all my work using traditional and alternative hand printing techniques because of the control they give me, and the unique quality of the final piece they produce.

Graham Vasey


13 responses to “About”

  1. Nice and impressive work, Graham!
    I will check your Flickr too (although I don’t like the new Flickr).
    And thanks for following my pinhole blog!

    1. Thanks Jesus, I know what you mean about flickr, I’ve just started using Ipernity and so far so good!!

  2. A wonderful collection of beautiful film photography. Especially the Pennines series made me speechless, just beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much Oliver!

  3. […] the master at this sort of thing. No he really is, go check out his blog before you read anymore: https://grahamvasey.wordpress.com/about/ then go buy some of his work, your eyes will thank you for it: […]

  4. I don’t know much about photography or the techniques you are using but love the way you use your art to capture both wild and industrial / postindustrial northern landscapes.

    1. Thank you Iorna I am really pleased you said that, I always try to use these different photographic methods to express what I feel suits the picture rather then just a technical exercise.

  5. Wonderful artwork, Graham, and some interesting reading.

  6. Graham, Put me down for one of your Fly fishing Teesdale books please. Ironopolis put me on to you and your blog. You can contact me about payment on jarsue159@btinternet.com or through my WordPress blog http://www.johnrichardsonlinoprints.blog. Look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and all the best, John

    1. Hi John that’s no problem at all thank you so much 👍

  7. Graham, Didn’t realise we’d both been in Fallon’s Angler. I’m obviously not Jing the dots properly? Try and get Nick up there to do a film. He made one with me a few years ago about fishing and printing. Let me know when you need the money for the book. Stay safe, ATB, John

    1. Hi John I didn’t realise either until I saw your work, what a small world that Gavin get around a bit 😂 I’ve been trying to get Nick and Garrett up north to, I know they would love it up here 👍Your book is on its way as we speak, it’s £18.50 including postage if that ok with you? If you could pay me via PayPal at grahamvasey@hotmail.com that would be great 👍

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