Silver Emulsion

Hello I thought it would be good to post retrospective of some my work using liquid silver emulsion. This technquic must be one of my favourite alternative proccess, I love the sense of texture it adds to my photographs.


Dwarfie Stane, Hoy.



Coil, Ettergill.



Twins Across The Moor, Buckshott Moor.



Come In Number 6, CockField Fell.



Shuttered Against the Light, Lunehead.



Penned, Langdon Beck, Teesdale.



Kiln, Howgill Fells.



Iron Shed, Teesdale.


Rising Spate

Rising Spate, Glen Sligachan, Isle if Skye.



High Frith, West Stonedale., Swaledale.



Wagon, Howgill Fells.



Mine Head, Cows Hill, Upper Teesdale.



Marsco, Glen Sligachan, Isle of Skye.


Ivelet Wood

Beach Branches, Ivelet Wood, Swaledale


Copely Chimney

Chimney at Copley, Teesdale.


Ruined Barn

Ruined Barn, Ravenstonedale.


Millstones on Carr Crag.


6 comments on “Silver Emulsion

  1. Lee says:

    I must ask, Are you contacting negatives to this silver emulsion? or are you shooting straight to your coated paper? one last question I promise, what brand of emulsion do you use?

    • grahamvasey says:

      Hi Lee I don’t generally contact print onto the silver emulsion, I normally use it like conventional photographic paper with an enlarger, some of the prints on my blog are up to 100x75cm. For quite a while now I have been using the SE1 emulsion which is sold by Silverprint in London.

      Hope that’s some help!


  2. Love the river in spate at Glen Sligachan and also the ruined wagon ones – gives them quite an unreal quality doesn’t it?

  3. ehpem says:

    These are terrific! The textures are fabulous.

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