Gone But Not Forgotten


I took this photograph of Middle End Farm in Teesdale many years ago just after leaving college. At the time I couldn’t afford my own large format camera so I borrowed a good friends MPP, neither did I have the money to buy sheet film but luckily for me I had a small stash of Polaroid Type 665 Pos/Neg film kept at the pack of the fridge from my students days! So I spent a great rainy afternoon exploring the landscape of this fantastic dale which in future years was to have such a massive influence on my work.

It was a lovely film with beautiful soft dream like tones and of course being instant you knew how it turned out straight away! But at the time I didn’t realise how much trouble Polaroid was in and when it went under many of my  favourite photographic mediums including Type 665 went with it! Looking back if only I had the foresight to stock pile as much as I could! But there’s light at the end of the tunnel a new instant 5×4 pos/neg film is now on sale called New55 and I can’t wait!!


6 responses to “Gone But Not Forgotten”

  1. Magnificent image, Graham. Great to hear that New55 is now available.

    1. I know it superb just need the money to buy a pack!!

    2. Cheers Simon! Yes it always great to see a new film come on to the market its well worth having a look at there website!!

  2. Great work Graham. I think I have an old polaroid back somewhere in the attic (I hope so), as I’d love to shoot some of the new film.

    1. Great stuff I would dig it out from what I’ve seen it’s looking really good!!

    2. It looks really exciting stuff, they also sell a preloaded style film like the old Fuji Neopan which works in the same polaroid back!!

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